Postable Range

Please note when you purchase a postable bonsai, we have a $35.00 fee for postage and handling, which is calculated automatically.

This fee covers most areas we post to, however if you are in regional or remote areas of the state, the price may exceed this amount. In this case we will send you an email and paypal invoice with the balance. On average this may only be an extra $5 to $10. Some areas for example far north Queensland, may be up to $100 for postage.

For regional and remote areas, it is advisable to email us the product code plus your postcode, so we can advise you on an exact postage price.

If ordering more than one bonsai for postage, we need to charge extra for that delivery, as our page doesn't allow for multiple delivery charges. So in this case click on the box image below, for each extra bonsai.

Also please note all postable bonsai will be sent out on Mondays, and should arrive at your location within 2-4 days.