Terms and Conditions

1. Bonsai will be delivered to the front door of your home and left there unless otherwise specified.

2. We prefer that you or an authorised person be there to receive the bonsai (to this end we will contact you the day before and on the morning of delivery to confirm you will be there).

3. If you reside in a unit, high rise, townhouse complex, commune, compound or otherwise any difficult entry or secure premises where the bonsai cannot be left safely out the front, you or a third party will have to be available to receive the bonsai or allow access to the building etc.

4. If the bonsai is returned to our nursery thus requiring it to be re-delivered a delivery fee of $38.50 will be incurred. All this will be documented to prove we have been to your location and all possibly done to deliver the bonsai. If you do not pay the re-delivery fee the bonsai will not be re-delivered. (If you request a refund of the bonsai payment it will be returned minus a fee of $38.50 for the original delivery. Any funds transfer fee occurred from paypal etc and a fee for our time to facilitate the transaction).

5. Once the bonsai has been delivered according to your instruction we accept no further responsibility or liability for any loss or damage of the bonsai.

6.Once the recipient has received the bonsai, it is up to them to follow the care and maintenance instructions provided. If the bonsai dies or declines in health in their possession, we do not accept any further responsibilities.

7. By completing checkout you accept terms and conditions.