We deliver Sydney wide.

The area that is shaded pink in the above map are the areas that we deliver to.

If you click view larger map on the bottom left hand corner of the map you will be able to see a close up of your area and if you are within it and thus eligible for delivery.

There is a delivery fee of $35.00 to all areas within Sydney.

Pick up is also available from our nursery to view

our expansive range and make a purchase direct.

So go ahead and do not hesitate to purchase.

If you are unsure if you qualify for delivery please call or email us.

When we deliver.

Our bonsai are delivered from:

                                                   Monday to Saturday

                                                   9am to 5pm.

                                                   After hours i.e. after 5pm.                        

We will deliver to your home or workplace during these hours. The bonsai will be delivered to the front door of your home or the front desk of your workplace, unless otherwise specified (please see terms and conditions for further clarification).                       

Special Deliveries.

Bonsai may also be delivered:

                                                  On Sundays.                       

                                                  Or express delivery.

These will attract a fee depending on the exact circumstance starting at $120.00. However this could vary more or less depending on the request. Please contact us for an exact amount.                    

What if I am outside the Sydney area?

This can be organised and an exact delivery fee worked out for your area and circumstance.

If you are just outside the Sydney map area we can deliver and there may or may not be an additional fee depending on your location and distance. (Please contact us for an exact price).

As a general rule we do not deliver more than 3 hours from our location. Contact us to see if you are eligible.